fitness quiz

Fitness Quiz

To assess your level of fitness in relation to the various walks and activities, completing the quiz below may be helpful to you:

1.     When you hurry/run to answer the telephone are you...

a)     Able to carry on a normal conversation
b)     Slightly out of breath, but able to speak normally
c)      Pausing between phrases to "catch your breath"
d)     You never hurry/run to answer the phone

2.     Do you...

a)     Run, or bound upstairs
b)     Walk quickly/easily upstairs
c)      Walk slowly, steadily upstairs
d)     Take the lift/elevator

3.     When travelling, without time constraints, in your nearest city or town do you ....

a)     Walk whenever possible
b)     Use public transport and walk
c)      Drive, circling until you find a parking place closer to your destination, then walk
d)     Take a taxi door to door

4.     Do you enjoy walking/cycling ....

a)     More than 10 miles a day
b)     5-10 miles a day
c)      1-4 miles a day
d)     You never walk unless you have to

5.     After 15 minutes of fast walking to catch the last train, how long does it take to "get your breath back" and for your heart to stop pounding?

a)     1 minute
b)     2 minutes
c)      4 minutes
d)     You would rather miss the last train than hurry to catch it

6.     Do you enjoy the challenge of walking/cycling (slowly) uphill...

a)     For 3 hours
b)     For 2 hours
c)      For 1 hour
d)     You avoid walking uphill whenever possible

7.     After prolonged physical exertion (say a 10 mile walk, a 15 mile cycle ride or the equivalent) do you feel...

a)     Ready to enjoy other/social activity
b)     Ready for a nap
c)      In need of a day or two to recover
d)     Determined never to repeat the experience


To score

a) = 9         b) = 6         c) = 3         d) = 0

Your total score will give you an indication of the walks and activities that might suit you best


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