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The Promise to Our Land

Experiences in the Landscape

Exploration and travel, knowledge and culture, mysteries and tales of old have excited us for generations. Today, many of us can travel the world over with relative ease, to places and people new, to enjoy discovery and exploration.

Fantastic and fabulous but for us in this home land of ours with its rich contrast around each and every mile we have special places galore. Exploration and discovery its right here, outdoors in this land of ours. 

Come, we have stories to tell, places to see, to be enjoyed together, not trampled over by hordes, no never with us. See, listen, learn, saviour and discover in the right way as it this that will sustain and protect the landscape we cherish.

No need for travel far, join us, we are here, nearby, in our very own land. We will take you to places new, on paths of discovery, enjoy! To the deep maharaja well to remind us of spices, the orient and an empire conquered; reflect on a man, not Prime Minister powerful, as we hear tales of Disraeli and his axe, felling mighty trees to bring us chairs intricate and delicate; we will walk ancient paths of trading and war that suffragettes strong took to safe houses from fear;  or to the first meeting house for Quakers that helped them go far. The Midsomer Murder TV locations walk them for real, along Midsomer Murder trails if you dare.

Using and enjoying our special places will sustain them, as we take you to these magical locations we will encourage you to reflect, understand, use all your senses, in the hope you will take away memories that last, of places you now cherish and wish to protect for those that follow.


Promise to the Environment

In delivering our business activities we promise to help protect and sustain our wildlife and landscape by taking every opportunity available to take you to places that conserve, protect and offer information of how we individually can play our role.

We will take this further by developing short breaks and holidays, our Active Learning programme. Our leader’s role will be to specifically encourage you to understand and discover more of the wildlife and landscape around us. Leaders will have specialist knowledge but their aim and our business objective will be to encourage you to take your first steps of discovery and not to impart specialist and highly technical knowledge. We will leave that to others as activity, fun and imparting learning, that you will value, remember, and perhaps give to others  will be our aim.

Our red kites and unique fauna of our chalk lands have much to offer. Whenever we lead you across paths we will tread carefully and encourage you to do likewise, to learn and understand.

In the way we deliver our business we promise and pledge to encourage Green Travel. Our modern and fuel efficient midi-coaches and minibuses are at the heart of our offer. These vehicles enable us to minimise the use of cars carrying individuals, taking up valuable parking spaces often at a premium at our special places. They allow us to offer door-to-door travel for groups of all kinds, and to maximise the flexibility of our programmes, to weather proof them and to quickly respond to contingencies of nature when these arise.

If you are a group of 8 persons or more we can collect you direct from home, office, or airport and deliver an inclusive fixed cost package. Alternatively we can meet at our accommodation base. 

The buses also enable us to cater for differing levels of fitness and demands within one group, walks of 6/7 miles; 9/11; or tours and strolls for example.

Promise to the Community

Our business is about activity, encouraging you to enjoy walks in the great outdoors, developing community and interaction, bringing you close to places and people. As a business we seek to add value to what we do and one of the best ways of achieving this is to bring our guests as close to the landscape and community as possible.

We seek out whenever we can local accommodation in the heart of the community, farmhouses, large cottages and independent hostels. We visit local inns with history that inspires and local beers to enjoy; we bring in people with tales of heritage to be lived or songs to sing.

Our walking short breaks and holidays will always be more than activity; they will be a group experience and will include opportunities to visit places of heritage and culture. Some of these will be grand and famous, others will be remote and small but just as intriguing, isolated churches housing ancient paintings or hiding graves with stories that inspire, the ninety-nine year old sailor who fought at Trafalgar or a sad and lonely military tombstone with the inscription “Rank – Boy”.

On our walking holidays you will be provided not just with maps but information that will allow you to discover arts and crafts of the area and if a local event is happening we will join in if we can! We pride ourselves in delivering information that really does allow you to know whether this break is for you and ensure it gives you ample information on the places we are visiting.

As a business we have set up our own Community Interest Company called Walk For Life C.I.C, and as our business develops we fully intend to devote resources to encourage others less active to make use and enjoy this great land of ours outdoors. 

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