In Walkfree Breakfree Ltd we are passionate about the walking, cycling and the outdoor activity breaks and holidays we deliver and truly want to provide a memorable experience, that offer real value, community spirit and personal reward to our clients. In business, as in our previous university careers we also want our business to promote its community ethos, and to do so it a way that encourages engagement and participation in the outdoor activities we so enjoy. These activities are widely recognised by the NHS Health Alliance as promoting physical and mental well being and reducing levels of obesity.

We have therefore set up Walk 4 Life (C.I.C) which is a non-profit making Social Enterprise limited by guarantee. As Walk Free Breakfree Ltd develops it is our intention to work with and harness our resources to assist Walk 4 Life (C.I.C) in its aims to benefit members of disadvantaged groups including the ethnic community who have low levels of participation in outdoor active exercise; and to pupils, students and employees of schools, FE Colleges, Universities NHS and other public sector organisations.

We will do so by delivering community style club services to promote and facilitate outdoor activities and by organising and delivering charitable outdoor activity events in order to provide financial donations to other CIC's and recognised charities working in the field of health, mental well being and obesity.

If you consider the activities delivered by Walkfree Breakfree Ltd can assist you via our partnership with Walk4Life (C.I.C) or indeed if you wish to help with the work of Walk4Life please do contact us iain@walk4life.org

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