Group Walking Holidays

Group organisers seeking excellent group walks, holidays and tours – we are here for you – look no further with our business ethos we will make a great team together. We offer fully customised day walks, sightseeing excursions, inclusive walking weekends and holidays. We offer you easy, no hassle organisation so you can enjoy that walk, cycle ride, or other outdoor activity or challenge you have always planned.

We are here for all - change your views – live life – get outdoors with Walkfree Breakfree. We offer walking holidays and weekends for walking clubs and social groups of all kinds, for all ages, customised exactly to your requirements, interests and budget and we can offer a door-to-door service. On our longer trips, for example to Scotland, we can co-ordinate travel via rail or air with minibus pickups to suit every requirement.

Our promise for groups – great deals and organisational simplicity – with service and prices customised to your specific needs. Change your views – live life – let’s get your group outdoors with Walkfree Breakfree.

So what are you waiting for? Email or call us to start your trip today! Contact us now

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