Active Tours and Discovery Walks for U3A Groups and Clubs

Our Active Tours - Discovery Walks are ideal for singles, couples and groups who enjoy making the most of their time, preferring a little more physical activity and exercise than that offered on traditional coach tours. Our objective is to combine a pleasant three hour walk (5-7 miles depending on terrain and gradient) with an excursion tour to some of the most inspiring and interesting destinations here in the UK and across the channel.

Our Active Tours – Discovery Walks complement our Walkfree Breakfree walks and holidays as they aim to deliver a fabulous group experience but walks will be shorter with no major gradients. Exercise and discovery, beautiful views for real rather than from TV screens, perfect for helping you to keep fit and healthy.

On a budget - many of our Active Tours – Discovery Walks are mid-week specials offering excellent value and an opportunity to enjoy special places without the crowds.

On our Active Tours – Discovery Walks we want you to enjoy a walk in beautiful countryside which can liberate your senses; and achieve that feeling of striding out purposefully, with the feel of the breeze on your face and the ripples of the grass beneath your feet, and being surrounded by the natural beauty of trees and plants. Nothing can beat a beautiful walk and the precious moments it can offer when you let nature touch you.

And much more! On our Active Tours – Discovery Walks we visit to truly inspirational destinations, places of history, culture, and meaning. Faraway travel is a wonderful experience, but we believe exploration and discovery that can touch our senses can be found much closer to home.   

Active Tours – Discovery Walks will keep you busy and active but with time to relax and enjoy the community focused group experience we seek to encourage. Walking and enjoying fabulous destinations is a memorable experience and so much better when shared and in the company of like-minded others.  

Our Active Tours – Discovery Walks are supported by travel in comfortable midi-coach or minibus allowing us to access locations unavailable to large tour coaches which has the added virtue you need not usually worry about being surrounded by hordes of tourists. Our group size is usually 14-16 persons and will never exceed 24 persons and we aim to make our Active Tours – Discovery Walks as personal, friendly and as non-commercialised as possible.

The accommodation we use will depend on destination and type of experience we seek to deliver on each unique Active Tour – Discovery Walk and may include hotels, guest houses, Manor houses, country cottages or inns. Each venue will be hand-picked to deliver the value, quality and community orientated Walkfree Breakfree experience we seek to deliver.


On Our Active Tours We Promise:

  • Guided walks will be at a pace that can be enjoyed by all, with time to look, see and feel the great outdoors and ample opportunity to take wonderful photos
  • Knowledgeable guides with a passion to share knowledge and experiences
  • Weather proofed walks, honestly! If the weather is not on our side and we have a group consensus we will simply extend our excursion visits and opt for a series of short strolls with brolly in hand
  • An opportunity to enjoy an active escape, make friends and enjoy memorable fun in the company of others and a community orientated club style experience.
  • Simply wonderful destinations
  • Inspiring moments and memories
  • To help keep you fit
  • A busy yet relaxing schedule designed to put a smile on your face
  • Excellent, comfortable, value for money Accommodation with great food that matches the experience we seek to deliver on each unique Active Tour – Discovery Tour
  • A simple and inclusive pricing structure
  • To provide you with comprehensive information prior to booking that will give you the knowledge and confidence that joining our Active Tours - Discovery Walk is just right for you.

I do look forward to welcoming you on one of our Active Tours – Discovery Walks in the future.

Active discovery – miles better!

Iain Thomson WFBF Founder 07889165278


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