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School and University Groups

University, college or school student group - seeking a cheap hill walking or activity weekend or opportunity for your overseas students to enjoy remote and wild locations in the UK?

Given our company roots and experience, starting life as a university staff and student club, I can assure you we have the capability to deliver inclusive and affordable packages that will guarantee unique and unforgettable memories for one and all. Basic but cheerful – and unforgettable experiences FROM £125 per person Available Any Time.

Our dedicated travel service can offer door to door transport.

School groups can take advantage of our group leader familiarisation trips to plan those important excursions whilst for University groups we can offer weekends in bunkhouses equipped with pool tables, table tennis and bars.

Our team at Walkfree Breakfree includes teachers and former Student Union leaders allowing your trip to be in the knowledgeable hands. With a range of destinations and accommodation available we can tailor make the experience just for you.

Please get in touch today for a tailor made quote.

Iain Thomson WFBF Founder     07889 165278


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