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I would be delighted to tailor make a trip for your walking club, we can offer tailored trips for any size of group.

The business I founded Walkfree Breakfree emerged in 2009 from a successful university outdoor group where I organised and led student and staff on outdoor trips throughout the UK and at times beyond. I am proud of the ethos this gives to my company.

Our business is about delivering walking short breaks and holidays to encourage you into and to enjoy that wonderful land of ours outdoors. For us outdoor activities are best enjoyed as a group, in our view it’s more fun and leaves you with memories that inspire and last, it is this wonderful interaction that we love and wish to share with you in beautiful and inspirational places.

Our very name Walkfree Breakfree is intended to encourage you to shake off your shackles; we truly want you outdoors, to be active and stress free, enjoying our wonderful landscapes in the company of others. Encouraging inspirational togetherness, in our magical English countryside, in our home base in the beautiful Chilterns or in other magical locations our beautiful isles can offer. Strolling across green fields or forests deep, on coast or mountains high, along streams and mighty rivers sparkling bright, past ancient stones standing proud, to hamlets quaint, to breath in the fresh air, enjoy the sounds and see wildlife at work or play that is what Walkfree Breakfree is about.

Our style of service does really get people together effectively, including those who have not met previously as we seek to deliver a “club” style ambiance. This is a very different approach to traditional walking businesses that tend to market the same venues to different walkers time and time again.

Our walks are usually guided but if you want to do your own thing, go for an independent walk or just chill out and relax then just please do so. The length, type (linear or circular) and level vary according to offer and location. But on all our holidays the objective is to deliver an inclusive package with fixed price so you just need to turn up equipped with suitable outdoor clothing for a relaxing, hassle free short break or holiday.

To get you outdoors, to change your views, time and time again, exploration, discovery, places new and companionship, that totally inspires me, I will be delighted to provide a quote for your clubs next holiday.

Iain Thomson WFBF Founder – iain@walkfreebreakfree.co.uk 07889165278

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