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New to WFBF

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We truly welcome new members to Walkfree Breakfree who seek to participate and enjoy our programme of weekend walks/holidays and share the fun and social experiences of our group.

As a walking business our style of service does really get people together effectively, including those who have not met previously as we seek to deliver a “club” style ambience, but one without the membership fees. We seek to encouraging participants to return, to meet again together as clubs do on holiday, short breaks and day walks. This is a very different approach to traditional walking businesses that tend to market the same venues to different walkers time and time again.

Our ethos is to support and encouraging participation at every level, for groups, singles and couples of all ages is at the heart of our business. Every new member strengthens our business and improves the social experience for all so don't delay - do join us.

Offering fantastic value our weekend trips and holidays will enable you to get outdoors more often or help you make that new start you promised. Do have a look at some of our previous trips and weekends on the website – memorable and enjoyable for all – don’t miss out.

Membership is totally free.

Great fun and value – do join us now and get outdoors more often with Walkfree Breakfree

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