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Our Accommodation

The standard, quality and value of accommodation, is an important element for breaks and holidays and it is important that you clearly understand the role it plays in Walkfree Breakfree activities. We seek locations that help us to deliver a fantastic group experience, one where we can all easily interrelate with each other and enjoy our excellent, high quality evening meals and the easy access to the activities we enjoy. As you will appreciate, in keeping with our ethos we value promoting community spirit, interactive high quality experiences and affordability above all. For the Club Experience and Group offers our accommodation can be in both hotels and hostels (we prefer the term clubhouse partners), or other self catering accommodation such as large farmhouses and differ in quality.

Often this accommodation can be truly stunning, at other times merely functional but it will always deliver what groups need most, social space, decent showers and hot water, the capability to deliver some fantastic meals and access to the activities we so much enjoy. Simple value for money because we want to go on as many weekends as possible every year. When we use hostels the accommodation is usually shared, (single sex), but we try to avoid large dormitories with a maximum of four often being the norm and sometimes twins/singles are available which we try to allocate to couples. If not, at an additional cost private rooms may be available in other accommodation close to our centre.

The quality of experience we deliver to you is our foremost priority and accommodation impacts on this in so many differing ways. To be fair, if you are besotted with that standard or luxury hotel ensuite room that you can quietly retire to above all else then our Club Experience trips are probably not for you, but if game for a change, you would be surprised by how many others have so successfully made a transition that has helped to transform their lives.

But if your group does not wish to compromise on comfort or luxury we can match your budget requirements and offer you magical moments and experiences in some of the most stunning locations in our fair isles - Castles, Lighthouses, unique townhouses, country hotels or inns with character, lovely guest houses.

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